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arc carbon wheels..any one have any..

john1967john1967 Posts: 366
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Ive been researching carbon wheels and i came across arc carbon ceramic wheels who are claiming 890grams for a lightweight wheelset.Is this possible? they just seem to be the fat end of half a kilo lighter than anything else ive looked at.How durable can a sub 1kg set of wheels be?


  • It is possible and it has been done before. Paul Lew before going bust used to produce sets at 780 grams. Are they something worth riding?
    No, they are way to weak for you to enjoy the experience without having to panic at the slightest bump on the road.
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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    There's a number of sub-kilo wheels out there, but only really suited to race duties and don't expect them to last forever. There was a sub-kilo wheels for $1000 thread over on weightweenies for a while - you can now do it for about $600 if you buy the parts yourself.
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  • I also have seen these wheels online. they seem unbelievable for the price as no other wheels come close on weight for the money. I emailed the company months ago about the how they obtain their weight figures, but havn't heard anything from them. these weights are getting close to wheels with all carbon hubs and spokes, so how do they do it? I would like to have a look and weigh these for myself to see if they are what they claim to be. if they are I would consider endorsing them in top level domestic road racing for them.

    Anyone got a pair?

  • avwvaavwva Posts: 10
    Hi Brian
    I'm sorry that you didn't get a reply from us. We have checked all our records and don't seem to have your email on the must be in the ether somewhere! I assure you we like to reply to every one as we are very enthusiastic about the wheels we design and build.
    We are exhibiting at the London Bike Show on 17-20th Jan if you are (or anyone) able to get can see our ultra light wheelsets and our new range of 'axs' aero wheels which we will be launching in London, and the limited edition RAAM vxs set that will be doing the race in 2013.

    I don't normally check out the forums so if you want to contact me for any info you can email


    Andrew ARC Wheels
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