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Shimano Duraace 7900 C24 CL vs RS80 carbon/Al C50 clincher

nolightnolight Posts: 261
edited December 2012 in Road buying advice
Any experience which of these wheels would perform better? Higher end normal rim vs lower end deep rim.

Shimano Duraace 7900 C24 CL
RS80 carbon/Al C50 clincher


  • totally different wheels but for everydy riding the C24 will be much better and nicer riding. I have cosmic elite and dura ace c50s and they are both very different wheels but the elite are much nicer to rider. The 50s may look better but your better of going for a wheel that is better to ride and the c24 is much nicer in my opinion.
  • BozmanBozman Posts: 2,518
    I've had 7800 C24s and i've still got a set of RS80s, i found them both similar in that they flex a bit when climbing but other than that they're fine.
    If you gave me a wad of cash i'd go for a set of Elites or if you had a little more some SLs, neither flex, they're maintainance free and i've found them both bomb proof. The Elites even took a side impact when a car hit me, the chain/seat stays bent but the wheel was ok.
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