Inflating road tyres

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OK. Newbie cyclist here. I'm not completely incompetent but have a rather embarrassing question. :oops:

How do you inflate road tyres? :oops:

No problem with Schraeder valves on the like of MTB's etc but have never come across the high pressure road bike tyre valves before. I have a small bike mounted pump and have had a go at inflating them but it doesn't seem too effective. How far do you push the pump onto the valve?

I also bought a couple of spare inner tubes when I bought my Triban 3 from Decathlon. Easy to push on the pump and inflate. As soon as I try to put on the dust cap the air escapes!

Any help appreciated.


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    On my bike you unscrew the valve end and with the lever on the pump flat against the pump,push it onto the valve as far as will go.Then lift the lever up to lock the pump.pump away till your arms ache like hell to inflate to desired level.
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  • Thanks for the reply.
    My pump doesn't have a little lever on it. It's just a small push on job. Confused!!!

    This is the pump in question. big_800PX_25131337.jpg
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    There's a little brass cap on the end of the valve. You unscrew it to the end of the thread, push it in quickly to break the seal and let some air out, then put on the pump.

    Small bike mounted pumps are best kept for emergency repairs on the road. You're much better with a track pump with a guage at home.

    A word of warning. All the car foot pumps I have had you extend the lever on the top, stick it on the valve, then fold it down to tighten it. Both track pumps I have are the other way round. You bend the lever down, stick the top on the valve, then extend it to tighten the seal.
  • As soon as I try to put on the dust cap the air escapes!
    Screw the valve lock down before screwing on the dust cap!!

    I've given up with the little road pump I bought. Way too much effort, and too easy to let the air out again getting the blasted thing off the valve.

    So I use a Lezyne Floor Drive track pump for home use, and an Ultraflate Plus CO2 inflator for the road.

    Both of these have adaptors that screw lightly but positively on to the valve, so no sodding about with locking levers. And the CO2 inflator is small enough to fit in a little saddle bag. Along with two cartridges, a tube, two tyre levers and a mini tool kit.
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    Spot on!!! A thousand thanks Gizmodo! :wink:
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    +1 for investing in a track pump. You'll want to check the exact pressures your bike tyres are designed to run at - should find this info on the sidewall, or with a spot of googling.

    You will also want to check your tyre pressures once a week or so - if you let the pressure drop (and it will over time), the chances of punctures goes up quite dramatically.