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I need a reality check :)

Currently i have a 2011 Secteur Elite, Apex groupset, FSA carbon seatpost and Fulcrum 5 wheelset. Had a bike fit so I know its set up correctly. Lovely bike, did the Deloitte Ride Across Britain on it and comfortable for up to 10 hours in the saddle. In 970mile I had few problems with it.

However I'm now thinking I ought to go carbon. I've joined the local cycling club and will be doing some more sportives next year, london revolution and possibly London to Paris.

Been looking at Felt F6, Cannondale SuperSix Apex, Ribble Rival and Planet X pro Rival. I like the Apex groupset so would prefer to stay with it on the next upgrade or go for the Rival. So the move is pretty much to carbon frameset for more comfort. I would swap the wheels over to the new bike and use the secteur as a winter bike.

Will I see any benefit upgrading to one of these bikes ? I'd need to get it via C2W hence have a limited budget of about £1,200 (i know c2w is only £1,000) as I can add a little.

Advice welcome



  • Glad to know i'm not the only one that gets kept awake by things like this!

    You have a good bike that you're very happy with - its perfectly fit for purpose.
    A new bike would mean potentially mean risking a purchase that doesn't work out for you long term, and a whole lot of trial and error getting to the level of comfort you already have...if you're already good for 10hrs in the saddle that's going to take some beating!
    If it wasn't for the websites and mags tempting you with new shiny bargain carbon would you even be considering changing your current bike?

    I say, give the cash to me and i'll save you the hassle of having to go through perfecting fit all over again!

    good luck.
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    If you're already good with up to 10 hours in the saddle there's probably not much wrong with the comfort of your current bike!

    If you are determined to switch I'd recommend getting a Specialized Roubaix as it has the same geometry as your current steed... you can then replicate the setup perfectly and get that bit of added comfort from the carbon
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    Why do you feel you ought to be riding carbon? If you like what you've got, keep riding it and get some fancier wheels when your current ones need replacing.
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    Save your money. If you are joining a club you won't know where your cycling will take you. You might get into racing or TTs or other aspects of cycling which is when you might need a more specific bike. Your set up sounds perfect for your needs atm. Going carbon won't make much difference to speed or comfort. Maybe spend some money on some nicer wheels for events and special rides. Nice riding kit as well can make a difference to your riding enjoyment.