XX Crankset Removal

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Trying to remove an XX crankset using an 8mm hex but finding it extremely tight to turn.

In truth, it turns about half a turn counterclockwise on the non-drive side and then gets as difficult to turn as it would be to tighten it. Is this right? It's not corroded or anything and was fitted properly by my LBS.

I'd obviously rather seek assurances before I give it the full 'ommer just in case I do some damage.

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    http://cdn.sram.com/cdn/farfuture/iYvoI ... manual.pdf

    sounds like you need a longer allen key. dont go hitting it.

    or take out the self extracting ring and lube up the washer refit the extracting ring and then undo the 8mm.

    this is Presuming GXP fitting.

    XX comes in many other fittings.
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    Crank removal's the same every time though - just undo the (bloody tight) allen bolt, as you are. The resistance is as the bolt bears against the self-extracting washer, so it will go tight.
  • Yep. Finally got it off but I failed my mission!

    I was trying to fit a chainguard but can't get it aligned correctly with the chain. Fitted different combinations of washers between the chainguard and the BB cups but all to no avail.
    2012 Santa Cruz Highball Carbon 19 lbs
    2009 Ibis Tranny __ lbs