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Shimano RS30 vs Fulcrum Racing 5

Finlaz22Finlaz22 Posts: 169
edited December 2012 in Road buying advice
Which wheelset would you recommend to be best? I'm interested to see if anyone has any experience with either of these two wheelsets and what in particular you found to be the pros, and the cons (if there are any!). How true they run is probably the main priority, weight and aero etc are less important however still notable :) Thanks in advance!


  • CpsCps Posts: 356
    Having spent many years on the rough stuff I am now cycling more on the road so learning about the best upgrades is about trawling the internet for hours and getting a good overall opinion of a product. This is how I came to buy a set of 2013 Fulrum 5"s. Compared to the stock wheels on my 2010 Trek 1.2 they are excellent. They feel strong and roll forever so I am very pleased with them. I got mine on promotion fro £175 delivered so in the end it was a bit of a bargain.
  • Finlaz22Finlaz22 Posts: 169
    Ok thanks, yeah I've been looking through reviews and general spec for both but can't really separate them! Personal opinions are welcome, but any actual experiences with either wheel would be fantastic
  • Chris JamesChris James Posts: 1,040
    I've had a pair of RS30s for about 18 months used on the road and the turbo. I use some old handbuilts for the worst of winter / grit.

    I'm not sure what you want to know. They aren't the lightest but I've done 2 or 3 thousand miles on them (not sure exactly as I swap wheels as above). They seem to hold their speed quite well, make a nice wooshing sound at speed. I am 12 stone and ride rough roads and haven't broken any spokes. I haven't even regreased the hubs.

    I only paid about £130 for them from merlin so they have been good value for me and i like them.
  • I have 2010 (or maybe 2009) Fulcrum 5s, from Merlin Cycles (cost £150 at the time) and i found some pros and cons.

    Bear in mind they have a recommended weight limit, seach around in some reviews, ive answered this one before but cant remember the exact specs, but i think its 109kg max. Over 90kg, extra care need be taken. Check those figures...i'm just working off rough memory.
    Another minus, i got mine to replace standard wheels on my then Bianchi. TBF, the bianchi wheels were well run in and ran very free. The new Fulcrums just didnt spin, they were awful, but thats just the slight tightness of new bearings. They free up.. I got impatient and fitted some low friction bearings, now they really run free.

    Only a small thing, but the decals have come off in places.

    On the plus side, ive hit potholes twice and truly winced at the bang the wheels damage, no loose spokes, not out of true, nothing....they're really strong, yet quite light.

    I like them.
  • Finlaz22Finlaz22 Posts: 169
    Cheers guys, some helpful info! The whole weight limit is new to me, but makes sense - however being 12st it's not going to be a problem :)
  • mamba80mamba80 Posts: 5,032
    Perhaps i was unlucky but i ve had nothing but problems with the freehub outer bearing, slightest sign of water and the bearing seizes - f/h replaced under warranty and 3 subsequent bearings later and they stil do it, high rim wear means they r turbo duty only after about 6k miles.
    In contrast the RS20s - just dif rim to the rs30s - i ve used in the past just kept going, and they r cheaper as well.
  • mike6mike6 Posts: 1,199
    Been using the 5s for years now, Summer and Winter. Bullet proof. The roads in Northumberland are a disgrace but despite some huge hits the 5s remain true.
  • mike6 wrote:
    Been using the 5s for years now, Summer and Winter. Bullet proof. The roads in Northumberland are a disgrace but despite some huge hits the 5s remain true.

    Tis true, i was commuting on mine and turned into work and forgot a stormdrain just at the edge of the road. My wheel dropped in at the same angle as the slots...BANG !!!! :shock: :shock: Christ, it really did get a thump.
    KIN ELL :evil: i thought in that instant, thats fooked it, but dent, still true,still running true a year later. Mightily strong IMO.
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