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What Rollers

logitech208logitech208 Posts: 167
edited November 2012 in Road buying advice
I am going to buy some rollers, have a budget of around £150-175, I have looked at wiggle and CRC there are a few around the same price any suggestions please.


  • Perhaps not by the parabolic ones. Having straight ones mean you have to concentrate slightly more to stop yourself coming off the sides whereas the parabolic a make it harder to fall off. This was the recommendation made to me by local club coaches and LBS, otherwise I think they're all much of a muchness. Different diameters mean different levels of resistance so check that out to. Sure I've seen a discussion here somewhere about what to look for in rollers and why but am a bit too lazy at the minute to search. Also several sites out there that compare and contrast models.

    Mine for what it's worth are these ... e-rollers/ and they are fine for what I need.

    Enjoy shopping and make use of them once you've decided!
  • dicey007dicey007 Posts: 112

    I too have a set of minoura rollers and i have to say i love them.
    Again, I'm sure others are equally as good but I liked the fact that the rollers are made of metal not plastic,
    and even though i scratched mine by accident it doesn't affect them at all.
    Much better than a turbo as you have to concentrate 100%.

  • redvisionredvision Posts: 2,949
    I recently posted a similar question on the forum.

    Ended up buying a set of these:

    Very impressed with them.
    They were delivered next day and were all set up and ready to go out of the box.
    (only had to check the length/position of the front roller).

    Have done a couple of sessions on them so far and they are smooth and easy to get the hang of (i had been concerned i would struggle with balance).
    The step on them is great and makes getting on and off easy.
    They are slightly louder than i had hoped for, not so much in the lower ring, but when you shift up to the double the tyre on the plastic rollers does make a noise.

    I have never tried any other rollers so i have no means of comparison, but so far i am thrilled with these and can strongly recommend them.

    (One thing i will say, despite the concentration/focus needed to use rollers, i was bored after 30mins of each session, so make sure you have a radio or tv near by)
  • dicey007dicey007 Posts: 112
    Minoura metal rollers seem pretty quiet to me, haven't tried plastic ones though, make sure you have music on then you won't even hear them :)
  • Thanks for the suggestions I have just pushed the button on these

    I will report back in a few days with how I get on.
  • redvisionredvision Posts: 2,949
    Nice one! You won't be disappointed with them.

    Quick tip for your first session on them, use a hall if you can so you have a wall either side. Rest your elbow on the wall until you are confident enough & have found your balance (i found that if i used my hand on the wall when i tried to take it off it caused major wobbles, but when i used my elbow for balance and then took it off the wall it was much smoother and easier to get balance).

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