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bryton 40 - reviews??

le_bossle_boss Posts: 183
edited November 2012 in Road buying advice
So im in the market for a new gps (santa has given me until saturday to make my mind up which one!). Need one with cadence and heartrate.
Dont need maps, so have narrowed it down to the Garmin Edge 500 or the Bryton 40.

Now i have seen at first hand the Garmin and how it works (most of the riders at the club have them). But i have yet to see a Bryton and none of the local stores have any for demo.
I have searched youtube but there are hardly any videos (aside from Brytons own adverts).

So does anyone have one?
Has anyone used both the 500 and the rider 40? How do they compare?

I have noticed that the Bryton 40 has all the buttons underneath, is this practical or is it awkward?

I have heard negative things about Brytons customer support and website. Is it that poor?

And finally, is the Garmin really worth the extra £££??

Thanks for any help and advice



  • EarlyGoEarlyGo Posts: 281
    I think that both the Garmin and the Bryton are reviewed in this months C+. Check it out!

  • le_bossle_boss Posts: 183
    EarlyGo wrote:
    I think that both the Garmin and the Bryton are reviewed in this months C+. Check it out!

    Thanks, will pick up a copy.

    Are there any users of the Bryton on here?
    (Would really like to read some user opinions/reviews before i make my mind up)

  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    The 40 is rather neat. It's not massively different to the 35 which is Brytons take on the Garmin 500. It is a much neater package than either of those though. It is narrower and slimmer but with nearly the same size screen so it is a much neater, more subtle unit on the bike than the others but without any real loss of clarity. It almost looks like a conventional computer.

    It also has some nice pre-configured training sessions. Very customiseable display, pretty good breadcrumb trail navigation (really needs to be larger scale though).

    The buttons aren't underneath - they are on the edge near the rider. They work fine.
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  • fish156fish156 Posts: 496
    I had a Bryton 35 briefly. On the bike it was fine. However if you're wanting to use it to access data via a PC off the bike (especially power) I'd say choose the Garmin.
  • What about one of these:

    I saw one in the shop and I was quite impressed. Can't remember the price but I'm sure a search will soon establish that.
  • le_bossle_boss Posts: 183
    Thanks for the replies.

    Rolf F, thats exactly the info i wanted. I had been concerned that the buttons position on the bryton could be an issue.

    Kangarouge, have looked at the mio but decided i really dont need maps. Thanks though.

    I have noticed that a lot of places seem to have the garmins discounted at the moment, not so much the brytons.
    Is this just a marketing thing to increase sales in the run up to xmas? Or are new garmin models about to come out??
    I know there have been rumours of garmin releasing an upgrade to the 800, but cant find anything official on it (have even called garmin and they had 'no information on new models being launched').
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