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Best bib shorts for £50

calmx5calmx5 Posts: 230
edited November 2012 in Road buying advice
Have been looking at shutt vr, dhb, etc but wondering what's well rated round these parts?


  • russellorussello Posts: 102
    I rate nalini cicos. I've 2 pairs for commuting, done about 4,000 miles in them and still holding up well. I paid around £40, but that was a while ago. I think fatbirds or Parkers sell them.
  • russellorussello Posts: 102
    Fatbirds have them for £37. Bargain IMHO
  • bmxboy10bmxboy10 Posts: 1,955
    Gore contest are great vfm
  • amaferangaamaferanga Posts: 6,789
    Craft do some good bibshorts for under £50.
    More problems but still living....
  • rich164hrich164h Posts: 433
    calmx5 wrote:
    Have been looking at shutt vr, dhb, etc but wondering what's well rated round these parts?
    Give the DhB's a go.

    Personally I'm not at all impressed with the Shutt-VR standard bibs (no idea about the pro version that they offer though, maybe they're better). I find that the fit is pretty good and they seem like a good company to deal with as well as being a UK manufacturer of course, but that's about it. Quality wise the stitching on mine started pulling away almost immediately in several places so I sent them back for repair (which was handled well to be fair), however shortly after receiving them back new areas of stitching was pulling away and also the area that they had supposedly fixed! I find the material is very shiny and the pad is definitely very budget focused (the worst pad I've got in my selection of bib shorts with the exception of a cheap pair of karrimor shorts). The pad is also half hanging off the bibs now thanks to the stitching having failed in that area too. Honestly if you saw them you'd think they'd had a very long and hard life when in actually fact I doubt I've done more than perhaps 500 miles in them. I certainly wouldn't buy them again.

    Clothing is on offer all the time so there's no reason to just look at £50 being your max price. Look around for something that you want up to about £75-80 and you can be pretty sure that someone will have it reduced somewhere back under the £50 mark if you get a bit lucky with the sizings: For example:
  • janwaljanwal Posts: 489
    try these own brand from PBK, very well made, quality feeling, comfy bibs,only £32. Fele better on than the Schutt ones which I also have.ALso have some Sportful.Best ones I have for fit with compression fabric around the thighs. Very popular as Procycling mag said they were best they had ever tried! So you may have to hunt around for them. ... horts.html
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