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Rose Or Canyon Bikes?

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I've used Rose and other German companies in the past for various components but never for a complete bike.
I've got my eye on a couple of their bikes but don't know enough about them to decide whether Rose or Canyon tend to be the better bikes.

The bikes I'm looking at are these: ... aid:557642 ... =AS1003697

The prices seem pretty good for the spec compared to most of the bigger brands and I like the idea of being able to customise the Rose from the factory as it were.
Any suggestions as to which is the better bike?


  • I know nothing of either bike apart from the brands themselves generally tend to get good reviews and are good value for money. They both looks good bikes though and are similarily specced, in the main i'd go on looks and groupset, SRAM or Shimano?
  • I'm beginning to get a soft spot for Canyon bikes lately, so I'm gonna say Canyon. As said above, both get good reviews. Not sure about SRAM Apex as I have no experience with how good or bad it is, but Shimano 105 is all you'll ever need, IMHO.
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  • CallerCaller Posts: 124
    I've used the SRAM Apex before and thought it was a reasonably nice groupset but I'm tempted to try Shimano.
    From past experiences with MTB groupsets, the Shimano stuff has a far nicer feel and finish so I'd hope that the road kit is the same.
  • Canyon. There are lots of people on here who own Canyons & think thery are awesome - me included. Thought to be the best value for money bikes/frames you can get. Rose will be good quality too though. Do some googling & read some reviews on both models you are lookingh at, it should help you decide.

    The Canyon.
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    I've been debating whether my next bike will be a Rose or a Canyon for a while now.
    There are a lot of reviews around for the Canyons and they're all good! The Roadlite looks like a great bike.
    The Rose bikes also get very positive reviews but I haven't been able to find as much info on them, especially in English. The recent Canyon Roadlite and Ultimate AL versions have a bit of a reputation for comfort. Whereas I couldn't find much discussion of the Rose for comfort. I think the Canyon is probably the safer option if you'll be doing long miles on dodgy roads. The Rose might be fine for this too but it's hard to be sure. Of course you can use the "Configurator" to put on 25mm rubber which should help if it's a little on the over-stiff side. I do like the configurator!!

    Hope this helps
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