New Cycling Safety Idea

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I've come up with a idea to aid with cycling safety, I'm trying to get some feedback and votes for this idea, with the aim to get it to manufacturing.

More details about the idea can be found at:

Thank you


  • CiB
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    They look remarkably similar to the reflective LED strips that I buy from Wilkinsons cheapo DIY outlets or those pound shops, even down to the CR2032 battery. Good idea, seems like someone else got there first.

    Not sure about using magnets to stick them to bike frames. Not many bikes are made of ferrous metals these days, a lot aren't even metal. Velcro fastenings might work, like mine have. :idea:
  • redvee
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    Might be better going for a snap-wrap type securing. Not sure if there is a snap-wrap LED wrap on the market.
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  • cougie
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    I've had the snap on reflective bands given away for free a few times now.

    The Aldi flashing strips are about £5 for 4.

    I can't think of much kit I have that's magnetic unless it's for my fridge ?
  • Great idea this.

    Handy to attach to the backpack on the commute, and more visablity on the person can't be a bad thing.
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  • Strith
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    Nightzone already do flashing armbands. Is this any different really?
  • Thank you very much for the feedback, I really appreciate it.

    I'm not a cyclist (you may have already noticed), but I see so many cyclists on the streets with inadequate lighting, and hear about so many accidents due to it, I just wanted to try to create something to help.

    I did some research and I did find some similar products, but nothing quite the same with dual batteries, and different ways to attach.

    I wasn't aware that magnetism wouldn't work with many bikes (my kids bikes are steel), so I'll may re-think that.

    One area that didn't come across in my idea is they could be marketed as a cool way for kids to stay safe, and be made available in cool / funky colours. I've updated my idea to reflect this.

    Once again, thank you for the feedback it was very helpful.