roof rack + carbon frame ?

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hi Guys,

i assume its ok given how many folk carry their bikes on the roof bar cycle carriers out there...... I have a thule cycle carrier - want to use it this wk end for teh first time.... and with a carbon bike

i assume ok ? maybe wrap the contact patch with a rag, otherwise just ne sensible/careful with clamping ??


  • Shouldn't be a problem just watch the contact points.
  • lawrences
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    I would only clamp a circular tubed carbon bike. if you got stretched out aero tubes it says in the instructions not to clamp onto frame.
  • Yea, it's round... Oversize type down tube where it would connect.. I imagine if you use common sense should be fine, but never thought about it before now
  • cougie
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    I always put some rubber padding on the contact points. And dont go mad with tension.
  • I use pipe lagging, the sort of stuff that comes wrapped around a new bike frame. I clamp the thule rack until the foam just starts to compress, no tighter. As long as the two wheel straps are tight and the clamp is fairly tight, it will be fine.
  • Brian B
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    Its okay normally. I used the thule system with my carbon bike for years but cracked my frame when I had to do an emergency stop when an idiot in 4x4 towing a horse box pulled out in front of me.

    check out the link below - this is what happened when somebody clamped their boardman on the roof and sent it for repair. Also check out the Q&A section and states not to clamp your bike there. This guy fixed my damaged frame. ... irs_2.html

    You'll be fine and not trolling here but if you can put your bike in the boot with the seats down then thats the safest option. Thats what I do now. Saves on fuel costs and handy if you are staying overnight at a B&B.
    Brian B.