Turbo Trainer Help

jonnywhite Posts: 3
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I'm looking for a bit of advice; I'm going to buy a Turbo Trainer as my young family and extended work commitments mean that during the week I'm unable to hit the trails. I can't leave the house to ride the roads as I would need a baby sitter every night. My bike is a 26 inch wheel 2012 Norco Sight 2, with bolt through rear axle (12mm I think) and 2.4 inch tyres.

As I dont have a QR rear end, is it even possible to fit my bike to a Turbo Trainer? I'll be buying from ebay I think and have also seen rollers on there as an alternative to the TT but have seen little info on them with mountain bike use.

If anyone can offer some advice or alternatives it would be greatly appreciated

Thanks, Jonny