Lesson Learned This Morning

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Went out on the usual Sat morning club ride today having suffered from a heavy chest infection for a few weeks; thought as it's nearly cleared I would be ok. This was definitely not the case, kept up with the pace and did my turns on the front but about 6 miles from home I got dropped big time. All of a sudden I could't breath and my pedalling was punctuated by a heavy machine gun like cough (accompanied by sharp pains in my lungs). Not good. Coasted home about 5 mins behind the group, luckily one of the lads stayed with me and kept me company. Might have over estimated how healthy I was!!! Lesson learned I think.


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    I did something similar last Sunday.
    The final hill, on the way home, that I normally take third from bottom gear, I was in the granny sprocket early on and had to get off before the top as I was getting light headed and thought I may pass out. The first time I have ever walked on a hill.
    By Monday morning I was coughing, and had a really bad sore throat. If I had waited until the bad cold had properly gone I would not be looking at another week off the bike. Doh.
  • I awoke one morning to find my RHR up by about 10 BPM. I still went out as I had made arrangements but was shot to bits after 30 miles. It turned out to be a virus. I had to have a rare day off sick and it was about 3 weeks before my RHR was back to normal.
    A lesson learned that day.
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  • It could also be a mixture of it being so cold as well. When we set off to Bolton by Bowland this morning it was -1.... :shock: I'm just getting over a cold as well you just have to make sure you knock it off a bit and go steady... Doing turns on the front probably was the best idea..
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    Sometimes when you feel a little bit sick cold, flu etc you dont realise just how much it,s affecting you until you go out on the bike for a ride. Done it myself on many occasions.
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    Thanks for the tip.

    I've been in bed for two days with a virus and was thinking about going out for a ride tomorrow. Maybe I should give it a miss and try and get out midweek when I'm fully recovered.
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    Same here, had an annoying cough for a few weeks and cycling in the cold likely isn't helping. Although after a run I can breath easier and don't cough so much. Can't wait until the damn things leaves! When I come to big hills and the like I just take it easy and spin up instead of putting the power down, no fun :-(
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