Withdrawal symptoms :(

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It's been 5 days now since I've been anywhere near my bike :(
Every chance to go out on it this week has been scuppered by the weather or work
Done a few miles on the trainer tonight but not the same.......

Anyone else been missing out?


  • Fraid not, managing three times a week at present, nearly managing 100m, been lucky with weather/work

    Hope to see the benefit in spring as pushing a heavy crosser at present
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    I've had one day off the bike in the last 23 days, you aren't trying hard enough...........
  • danowat wrote:
    I've had one day off the bike in the last 23 days, you aren't trying hard enough...........

    I'm Clearly still a novice :wink:
  • #david2012 wrote:
    Anyone else been missing out?

    Yep and Mr Grumpy has set in here :(

    I am self-employed so normally get out twice in the week but this week Monday was recover from Sunday, Tuesday in London, Wednesday in London, Thursday it hammered down and was windy with trees down all over the shop and today ....... lovely weather. But after waiting four or five hours for an important promised call at 0900, which arrived at 2pm I got out on the bike to puncture after 400 yards. I then came back in, swapped the wheel quickly and made it a mile before I remembered that the cassette spacer hadn't been added to the wheel and I had meant to sort that out weeks ago. Thats what the clinking sound was when I went over bumps ...

    Feck ..... and the weather is dreadful tomorrow as well.
  • I can count on my fingers the number of rides I did between July and mid October this year. The housing association that owns the building but not the flat that I live in (not for much longer) with my wife complained about the completely harmless places I had chosen to keep my bikes, and it took all that time to make them see sense... I kept them at my parents' place 10 miles down the road during that time. Going for weeks at a time without doing any cycling at all was quite a wrench, particularly since I'd done three months of 18ish miles each way commuting shortly beforehand, and was therefore doing quite well for fitness and weight... I'm actually unemployed right now, which is unfortunate but it does give me time for a few hard training sessions a week.
  • I skived a couple of hours off work this afternoon to go out - first time since last weekend. This weekend looks a bit rubbish which is disappointing since I've been wanting to try a run down to Box Hill for a couple of weeks now.

    Having had the bike less than two months the initial excitement hasn't anywhere near worn off yet, so it's frustrating.

    I suspect I'm coming down with a cold now, so that will probably scrub most of next week. Grrr...
    Is the gorilla tired yet?
  • I've been lucky this month managed to get a few rides in at lunch time whilst working from home each week and one in Saturday or/and Sunday. I'm just using the excuse to the Mrs that I have to grab the chances when I can due to winter setting in. A friend if mine who usual joins me on the weekends and the odd night ride, has only got about 4 rides in like you, he's really unhappy about it, I do feel for him / you.
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    My steel tourer with 28c tyres has replaced my nice Cannondale as the Aberdeen / weekday bike. Not as much fun but at least I've been out on it. Back in Aviemore it's been to windy / icy and my poor Roubaix hasn't been used for weeks, been mtb'ing instead at the weekends :-(
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  • I've not been on the bike in 2 weeks! :( mainly due to the weather

    Hopefully its dry tomorrow
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    My bikes are several thousand miles away, and you'd have to be mad to ride round here :cry:

    It's just a hill. Get over it.
  • Managed to slip away from work early yesterday and get out to do 20miles :) looking dryer as the week goes on so hopefully out a few more times
  • Gonna set a personnel challenge to get out on the bike 4 times this week, for no matter how long. Better than nothing!
  • Gonna set a personnel challenge to get out on the bike 4 times this week, for no matter how long. Better than nothing!

    Ditto, I made the effort to go up into the loft on the trainer tonight..... Freezing! warmed up around 3miles and got a good sweat on in the end but just not the same as getting out in the fresh air
  • Managed another 21 miles today in the rain and wind, but feel good for it.
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  • Longer I go off the bike the more depressed I become so started going into work late a couple of days so I can get out in the morning. Make up the hours later in the day. Had a really stressful day on Monday but never phased me as I'd hammered out 26 miles before coming into work. Awesome!
  • Gonna set a personnel challenge to get out on the bike 4 times this week, for no matter how long. Better than nothing!

    2 Down...

    Really depressing being out, lungs are agony even with a buff :(

    Must get fit again!!
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    SWMBO has been ill for the last month. Can only occasionally get out and then only for an hour at most. Am going absolutely stir crazy. Bike has never been so clean.even serviced the hubs last week. Gave in an ordered myself a turbo trainer just so I can at least do something.
    This followed from having 7 weeks off over the summer due to self induced stitches in leg from a slow speed off....
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    9 days without a ride today due to a week-long trip. Not happy at all. Longest period I've been off of my bike since I started this year.

    Feeling very irritable and pretty mortified that I had to miss a club run on Sunday.

    Will be out before work tomorrow, regardless of the conditions. I refuse to let the days off reach double-figures!
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    Been off for a month now, I damaged a nerve in my back, one side effect was my hamstring felt like it had cramp for 3ish days then it finally gave up and I ended up with a damaged hamstring.. Back is now ok but hammy is not so good, saying that I am back on the turbo nice and gentle, physio said another couple of weeks before I can go out on the road..

    Very very frustrating!!!!!!!!!
  • I went out for first time in 2 weeks last night, really noticed drop in fitness.If it stays dry tonight im going to go for night ride.
  • Well I kind of binged a bit today completing my first 50 miler!
  • Well done man how do you feel?
  • :D Brilliant andy! Really chuffed legs are aching a little now but it's a good milestone to hit for me :D
  • Yup I felt like that after its great buzz.