Is there any important difference between MTB and Road stems

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As the title says, I'm interested to find out the answer. I have a "MTB" stem in my 351 frame and I can't tell the difference :D


  • nicklouse
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    some yes some no.
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  • majormantra
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    If they are 'oversize', not really. If they are non-oversize, mtb stems tend to be 25.4mm clamp, road 26.0mm. Mixing may work with shims etc. but may also be more trouble than it's worth.

    From an aesthetic point of view, some mtb stems have the graphics positioned for a flipped up position, whereas the default with road is flipped down. Some stems have graphics that flip either way.
  • Monty Dog
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    These days, no since bar most makers have standardised on 31.8mm oversize handlebars. Functionally near identical.

    Most road stems only come is 6/84 degree angle whereas you sometimes get more variety with MTB.
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  • rrsodl
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    That's great information.

    As I said before I have a "MTB" stem 31.8mm clamp on a road bike and I see no difference. Your replies confirm what I suspected but I needed to make sure :)