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Does anyone know if the Genesis Croix de fer will take dual pivot brakes? Obviously I will have to change the wheels, but I figure that this is the best way to put the bike on a diet. Not sure if the frame will take them i.e. the frame mounts.

Cheers, Adam.


  • The 2013 one? That is a stupid way to save weight, buy lighter wheels instead of compromising your braking massively.
  • And so reducing it to a very heavy and floppy road bike... bad idea.

    As mentioned the best way to make the thing into something worth riding in the weekend is to bin the heavy cumbersome set of wheels and get something hand made, light and fast. I have built a few of those sets, including one for my Croix de Fer and the difference is massive... it will cost you around 250-300 pounds to get a quality upgrade, so you need to think if it is worth for you
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  • You haven't really thought about this have you 'ride_whenever'. If I replace the wheelset to a standard rim brake the discs aren't going to fit :wink: !

    Hence the need to change the brakes. Unless of course someone can recommend a nice light set of disc compatible wheels. The brakes aren't going to save me the weight but the wheels are, not so stupid.
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    Stick with the disc brakes and get some lighter wheels - Velocity A23 rims on Novatec 811/812 or 711/712 hubs and double-butted spokes will probably save you more than half a kilo over your present wheels. Parts will cost you about £200 and add £40 for a wheel build. If you could find a rim brake that would work, e.g. Alhonga or Tektro, the longer arms would give a pretty spongey brake feel and would be a lot worse in the wet.
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