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Cannondale CAADX 105 vs Genesis Day one Alfine 8

edhelliedhelli Posts: 5
edited November 2012 in Road buying advice
I really need some help with this!
At the moment I ride a SS 42/16 for general commuting, bashing about and fitness. I'm looking to spend £1200 tops on a cyclocross/do it all bike for long rides on roads and tracks, and some light touring. I wont consider anything less than 105 on a derailleur set up ( I have heard that the difference between Tiagra and 105 is big) so have narrowed it down to the C'dale CAADX 105 but am so tempted by an Alfine/Disc setup, hence the Genesis Day one Alfine 8 ( I can't afford Alfine 11!)

I will be using the bike for everything (not hard off road of course). I was wondering what people's experience with these bikes are as I am finding it difficult to find comprehensive reviews on either of them.

Thanks for the help guys.


  • elcanielcani Posts: 280
    edited November 2012
    In my experience the difference between 105 and Tiagra in terms of performance and functionality is basically non-existent, in fact the 'washing line' routing of the Tiagra gear cables are widely regarded to give slicker shifts than the under bar tape configuration of 105.

    Aside from that, if you are thinking of an Alfine bike for touring, I'd think about how low a bottom gear you'll have and whether it'll be low enough for loaded touring in hilly areas (if that type of riding figures in your plans).

  • gwillisgwillis Posts: 998
    I have a Caadx 105 it's my go to bike when I've git a rainy ride ahead or club run. It's a easy bike to live with the frame is comfy and 105 faultless . I've done everything from 80 milers to the Taff Trail on it and simply swop the wheels accordingly . My issue with Alfine would be the weight I guess . You might want to consider swapping the chainset on the Caadx to a compact instead of a 36/46 as you tend to spin a bit on the flat etc
  • samsbikesamsbike Posts: 942
    I would try before you buy. The alfine is heavy and taking the tire off is not as easy as a derailleur setup (from my limited knowledge). I must confess I do have a soft spot for the genesis (I have the equilibrium) but I think you should also take a look at the boardman cross range and perhaps the specialized tricross as well.
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