Road Cycling in Singapore

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Has anyone any experience of what life as a roadie is like in Singapore?

I'm looking for a job change, there's some interesting opportunities over there and the Mrs likes the propect of slightly warmer weather. A decent racing/TT scene and roads I'm not guarenteed to be mown down on for training are a must though!


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    No first hand experience, but mostly motorways. Most roads designed to carry traffic - fast. Island only measures some 200 odd square miles so I reckon you would get bored very quickly, but then you could always pop over the causeway and don't stop cycling.
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    I’ve been there but not cycled there myself so I can't give you any first-hand experience either. But I know a lot of Singaporeans and expat people working there, and have spoken to them a lot as I was considering a move there myself.

    If you’re a proper roadie and you’re used to racing and cycling in the UK then I think you’ll struggle tbh. The impression I got was that it’s not a place big on cycling, there are a small number of clubs and some organised races and TTs, but not much. The biggest problem for me is the lack of diversity in what’s available for a road cyclist. It’s flat and tiny, with the nearest hill about 50 miles away across the border.

    Depends on what you like I guess, but Sg to me is shopping, partying and nice weather. I've cycled in much better places in asia.
  • Some colleagues from our Singapore office are well into the Singapore scene which is pretty big by all accounts, in fact I believe we sponsor a local team.

    As said though it is pancake flat, it always make me chuckle when I see there 40km rides with elevation gains of 50m.

    The biggest "elevations" seem to be the overpasses where people get dropped at apparently.
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    Was speaking to a singaporean guy in the Uni club a few weeks ago.. the impression I got is that its not exactly the best place to cycle... as as above -> its flat.
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    I cycle every weekend in Singapore. It is a small place (east to west only 42km) and is flat (highest point is only 164m!) compared to other countries. It is more of a busy city (hate the traffic lights) and less of countryside and is heavily populated. It doesn't take long to get to the sea from anywhere.

    Mount Faber is about the longest stretch of hill and nothing like what you have. But it is summer throughout the year, same predictable weather everyday so you don't have to wait out winter season.
  • Huh, so that's all pretty consistent advice, cheers guys.
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    nolight wrote: you don't have to wait out winter season.

    We don't :D .
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    I just thought I'd mention the tropical rain storms out in those parts. If you go out in them you won't be needing a shower at the end off your ride. :D
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    Stuuu wrote:
    I just thought I'd mention the tropical rain storms out in those parts. If you go out in them you won't be needing a shower at the end off your ride. :D

    Yes that too but I have not been hit by that in some time. I normally do a 3 hour weather forecast before I start. Also you are never too far from shelter in Singapore.