Stomach cramps after lowering handlebars

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Now, I should clarify - these are only mild stomach cramps and come only in my evening ride which is post lunch (ride into work is done without breakfast). The only started after I lowered my spacers to their lowest setting, so clearly there is a issue of body weight pushing on my full stomach.

But should I rule 5 it or raise the bars again? I.e will it improve as I get more used to the lower bars or have I just lowered them too far?


  • Are you saying that you’re currently carrying a few extra kg at the moment? If so, raise the bars back up. Once you’ve shifted that extra baggage and your back has become a bit more flexible then you can start slamming the stem. No point in hurting yourself trying to look Pro just because a daft website that too many folk take seriously says so...including one of my friends who now has the full Velominate/Castelli cycling kit.
  • No, I'm not carrying any extra weight - I just meant the irreducable weight of my body :) I do weights in the gym so my lower back is getting stronger, but maybe it's not that flexible yet.
  • Common sense should tell you that if you carry on getting problems then you've gone too far. Time to back it up until you feel comfortable again.
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  • Interstingly I rode home early on Friday and felt fine. But I had a different lunch to what I'd been having over the last fews weeks so I'll try this lunch (sandwiches instead of cous cous) and see if that helps.