Experience with folding bikes?

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As I do more travelling and city goin lately I require a smaller bike. I have decided to get a folding bike I had a little look and decided on this.


Looking at the bike in more detail i saw it retails for £1200, which I believe is ridiculas.

I have a budget of around £250 I looked at some bikes on the web and have decided to get this.
It has a nice look to it however I will make some modifications like add slicks, base bars, aero leavers etc to make it like the dahon tt bike.

Does anyone own a folding bike if so what one and what's it like?


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    If you want a folding bike, I wouldn't buy it without trying it out and seeing how it is to fold.

    I've folded and ridden both a Brompton and Dahon. The Brompton is by far easier and quicker to fold. It's also really enjoyable to ride. Not to mention, when folded it is almost half the size of a folded Dahon. Dahon being the predecessor, it is far from the Brompton.

    Folding Bikes are quite expensive as you've found out yourself. If it were myself, I'd by a decent 2nd hand Brompton.
  • Got Brompton and Dahon Speed TR, both good, for different reasons - Technically Brompton way superior. Not sure what you're going to get for a couple of hundred quid!