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Toddlebike to Balance Bike or Small wheeled Pedal Bike

lucieandpaullucieandpaul Posts: 267
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My little boy is almost two, and has been using his fantastic Toddlebike now for the past 6 months.

I am a road cyclist and also mountain biker and he is therefore already very much into everything bike and watches Dannys videos rather than Chuggington etc that his friends are into.

He has been to see Danny MacAskill and is really hooked and everything is bike and he is always putting on my kit and running around shouting jump jump.

I have even had him at the BMX park and he rides the slopes and goes over homemade ramps with ease so think he is ready for something a bit tougher and more durable.

He can use his Toddlebike very well and scoots about faster than I can jog sometimes and has no issue sliding the back end out etc on our wooden floors.

So i was looking at progression, and wondered what peoples opinions are on the following

Specialized Hotwalk: Looks tough and knowing Specialized wont fall apart at the first sign of a bit of singletrack.

Specialized Hotrock: Ive been told going to pedal so soon with stabilizers will stunt his balance development and be a stage backwards although I wonder if it would make him progress to pedalling more so.

Ive seen some awesome videos of young lads riding Hotwalks round pump tracks and even on a trials circuit, so presume they will be fine for a few years but would really welcome the advice.

My parents want to get him the balance bike for Xmas, but my wife thinks it is too much to spend on an "inbetween bike" and we are better just getting a cheaper balance bike, but i dont want something failing and causing injury when he is doing small ramps etc so would rather have something more durable if people think it is necessary.

I dont really want to go down the wooden balance bike route, as I honestly think within a year he will be coming to Mabie with me and doing some small bits of the Green route singletrack etc when we walk our dog so want something that will take the abuse, and of course being me, also be a bit cooler too.

He has a good quality helment coming at Xmas too (Bell Faction) so will have the right kit, and has my 661 elbow pads as knee pads already!

Would welcome advice


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  • Levi_501Levi_501 Posts: 1,105
    We have been looking at the Trek Jet 12, but to use it first without pedals.
  • We went for a Puky balance bike. They are a lot cheaper. He had the smallest size (LRM) which he was big enough to ride at 19 months (he is small for his age)

    The Puky has now had almost 6 months of tough use - check him out at dirt jumps and he also enjoys ramps and trying to bunnyhop off kerbs.

    He now has the Specialized Hotrock after learning to ride/pedal on an ancient wee bike.
  • Daz555Daz555 Posts: 3,976
    Stryder Bike.

    Lowest starting seat height of any balance bike and super light as well.

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  • baudmanbaudman Posts: 757
    Something to consider...

    Our runbikes were/are used for transport more than for recreation. It means little ones can go at adult walking pace (or, as you say, faster) O_O So, for us at least, was not so much an 'in-between' bike. Once Thing1 transitioned to pedals (and once Thing2 does, which is imminent) her runbike will still be her main bike for some time. Pedal bike for 'going for a ride', but runbike for 'getting around'.

    Some nice options above. Those hotwalks are amazing. So tough... and with semi-foot-pads to allow for bunnyhops etc (so does the strider, to a lesser degree) which sound right up your lad's alley.
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  • Or a Jumper ... jumper.php

    I almost wish my son wasn't already on a pedal bike just so I could buy him one of these when he outgrows his Puky.

    I agree that the balance bike will be used for ages after the learn to ride a pedal bike. It is so much easier to have a kid that is independant on a bike rather than one that needs help to bump up kerbs etc. Also because my son can't get a foot down properly on his pedal bike he needs me close by for when he stops.
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