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From Balance bike to pedal bike

glasgowbhoyglasgowbhoy Posts: 1,341
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My oldest boy will be 3 next month. He has An Islabike balance bike and can whizz about on it balancing very confidently. We are looking for his first pedal bike. The Islabike is an obvious choice but is there anything else (possibly a bit cheaper but still fairly light weight) that I should consider?


  • p1tsep1tse Posts: 694
    I'm in same position, but with my lad being a smaller 3 year old (compared to his friends) and know islabike a are quality and light weight I'm opting for the cnoc 14 soon
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  • We have just given our youngest boy a Specialized Hotrock for his 2nd birthday. Islabike would have been great but they are very expensive and also he is far too small for the Cnoc 14 (in fact looking at the size chart he would still be 5cm too short for the Rothan!)

    I can't really comment yet on the Hotrock as we have only had it 2 days. He took to it very quickly and seems to find it easy to ride (I do find it feels heavy compared to his Puky LRM balance bike) He is still too small to get his feet down properly when he stops even with the seatpost cut down.
  • p1tsep1tse Posts: 694
    Is hot rock a balance bike or what size wheels is it?

    My little one tried the specialized balance bike and it was too big and heavy versus rothan islabike also true about the pedal bike too
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  • The Hotrock is a pedal bike, he has the 12 inch wheels one. I think if he was bigger/older we would have looked for a second hand Cnoc 14.
  • p1tsep1tse Posts: 694
    Do you have the hotrock on stabilisers?

    I thought it was a heavy bike, hence going for cnoc 14. He's probably a touch small but hopefully come Xmas and new year his inside leg will be just about ok and grow into it and go pedal power up from his rothan
    Wanted: Cube Streamer/Agree GTC Compact / Pro/ Race : 53cm
  • No stabilisers - has never had stabilisers. He has been riding for about 6 weeks. The Hotrock is heavy, but compared to the ancient lump of steel he learnt to ride on without stabilisers, it is a dream!
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