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Greetings From Tunbridge Wells!

LavaDomLavaDom Posts: 6
edited November 2012 in MTB beginners
Hi All, nice looking place you got here...

Thought I should at least introduce myself before I start posting up inane drivel. Figure it's a matter of common courtesy!

My name is Dom, I come from Tunbridge Wells (but you knew that already). I am coming back to MTB'ing after 6 years of bikes of the engined variety! (Still have an R1 I pootle about on).

Anyway, I have just bought a Kona Lava Dome and am in the process of doing her up. I'm hoping to go 9 x 3 XT and swap the forks out to Project 2 rigids and see what I can get it down to weight-wise.

Anyhoo... Greetings! :D


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