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Going 1x9 - Compatible cranks...

slimboyjimslimboyjim Posts: 367
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I have been researching the forum after considering trying 1x9 out for a bit (I rarely use the granny ring and want to 'train' a bit more leg power into my thighs). I am quite happy with removing chainrings and replacing them with a single specific ring with narrow chainring bolts.

However, quite a few posts seem to have detailed that people have needed to grind off the granny ring bolts to fit a chain guide!?! I'd rather not do this so I have the option to revert to the granny ring if I'm going anywhere steep or if I don't really get on with it!

Is this correct and, if so, is it the same for all guides (i.e. an issue with the cranks) or do some not have that issue?

For information I currently own SLX cranks (9 speed) on a BB30 bottom bracket full susser. I have ISCG05 mounts for the chain guide and a direct mount front derailleur. I would likely look at getting a full chain guide (i.e. a roller at the bottom) and not just a top guide.




  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    it all depends on what device and what fitting what frame etc etc etc
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  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,802
    Google 'raidium', use an outer Bash and an inner guide and sorted.....
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  • Thanks Nick - any easy way to spot if a conflict is likely? The frame is a 2009 Lapierre Zesty 314 for information...

    Beginner - Raidium chainguide looks ok. Do you have any experience of it and does it work well?
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