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Cinelli Experience

yoshi73yoshi73 Posts: 2
edited November 2012 in Road buying advice
Hi all. First post so go easy!

I've the chance to pick up a Cinelli Experience one for a good price but unfortunately can't ride it before purchase ( a cardinal sin I know).

I currently ride a 57cm traditional geometry road bike which feels a little at the upper sizing level for my build, though is pretty comfortable on long rides.

The reason I ask is because on some metrics having spoken to a few dealers they recommend the xlarge frame but my sizing sort of sits on the cusp between this and the large frame size in the Cinelli.

I'm 183cm (6ft) tall, with an inseam of 83.5cm. The competitive cyclist fit calculator recommends a top tube size of 56.3 to 56.7 with the Cinelli being 56.

I wonder if there are any 'experience' riders out there of similar sizing who can chip in and provide some comments about how they find the fit.
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