Post Strava 79 mile challenge

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So i set off this morning to do the 79 miles. Long story short, 66 miles into it my back tyre goes flat and i dont have a spare.

On a good note though i must say how happy i am to be involved in such a great sport. The friendliness and sportsmanship between fellow cyclists is brilliant. I stopped off at the Eureka Cafe in Wirral and every one who i spoke to was speaking like we had known each other for years. Also i would like to thank everyone who let me jump on their back wheel while i was riding, really made a great help.

So if you were out cycling in Wirral and had some guy in a bright orange coat behind you at some point it was probably me and thank you :) .


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    Awesome, I love stories like this.

    Let this be a lesson to you, always bring spares!
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    At the very least one should keep some of the sticky patches in the saddle bag. I am a '2 tubes and sticky patches' person but I do seem to end up in some remote places where phones don't even work and the locals speak in strange tongues :)

    I thought I only had 2 hours for a solo ride today but my daughter then changed her pick up plans after I got back so I could have had the whole (beautiful) morning out with the club after all, grrr.
  • i did my ride yesterday.. managed to turn it into a 100 miler.. my first proper ride. and i loved it..
    went down a wrong turn at 95 miles and got a puncture!!
    amazing how difficult they are to change with shaky hands

    all cleaned now and drying in the garden haha ... directlink

    dont feel as bad today as i thought i would. but the roads are full of riders this weekend. great to see
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    Did mine on Friday. 143.7 miles and then ran out of daylight.
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  • Have done a few 80+ mile rides before, but haven't done anything over 50 for over a month now. The ride started off into a 15 mph head wind for about 15-20 miles ... so it was a tougher start than I was expected, and it was probably this that resulted in me starting to feel fatigued towards the end. Still, happy to have made it despite the mud slurry on the country roads and frost covering the road in shaded areas. Made going up a 14% hill interesting, with difficulty getting traction.
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    I'm gutterd I won't get another chance to do this, just bought some new inner tubes. The will be another one soon hopefully.