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I see Campagnolo are introducing this for 2013 as an "inbetweener". Is this a good idea? Ie more or less duplication of gears. I wouldn't expect to notice much difference between a 53 and a 52 myself.


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    I've been running 52/37 strong lights for a whole it's great!
    Then been on rotors that came with the bike 52/36, shifting bobbins.
    Just fitted 52/36 PraxisWorks rings. Would like to say how great they were but due to being sent a duff shifter by shinybikes I don't know yet.

    But I think yes, it is the best compromise.
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    I quite like the idea as you can run a compact and swap rings for serious climbing adventures. Certainly on the list when next I upgrade my chainset.
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    Does the Campagnolo Chainset run a 110 BCD?