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New Section @ Gisburn

BigColUKBigColUK Posts: 69
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Been to Gisburn today - first time since the spring (which is odd since it is my closest trail centre).

Just wanted to say a big well done & thanks to the trail builders for the new roller coaster section in the Park Wood area (would love to know what it is called).

The closest thing I can compare it to was going on the Pepsi Max at Blackpool for the first time as a kid - scared the living censored out of me but had a massive grin on my face at the end.

Defo need to get up there more often and finished off an amazing ride with a mouth watering rump steak burger from the dog & parrott.

Mountain Biking Rocks!!!! :D


  • ry1978ry1978 Posts: 166
    I agree completely. I was up there last week, for he first time in about 4 years. They've produced a really impressive mix of riding, the berms running back to the car park are good too!
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  • Hi

    The rollercoaster is called Hully Gully. I agree, really good. Especially at night, apparently.

  • Hi Fenners

    I know Hully Gully well but the bit I am referring to is after the crossover, on the way back to the car park. You go through the woods where the black sections of board walk are and then back onto the fire road. You take a left after a few hundred metres onto a new section of trail. The trail isn't huge berms like hully gully but has several seriously steep drop-offs. Amazing fun!
  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    That's probably going to be called The Swoopy as that's what we've been calling it for the last eighteen months of building. It's not officially open yet although it's not formally closed either. We've got to finish a chicken run around the last big drop which will be black grade (which I think will be a better line anyway) and there's a second drop we need to put in as well just before the railway line (after the tight bit through the trees) which will be black with the existing drop as Red.

    The new contractor built stuff is likely to open around Christmas as well with a new car park openning in the new year (it's finished but very waterlogged). The volunteers are going to concentrate on some repairs for the next few months but we've got plans for more new stuff as well.

    Clixby's tweaked the berms back to the carpark before they started the car park links and news skills area, run much better now. The forestry team have been doing lots of repairs as well, most recently on the rooty section called Bottoms which is part of the original red route.
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  • Thanks for the update Jon - lots of really exciting stuff going on then! Will definitely be getting back up there more often. I've been to quite a few trail centres around the UK now and while there are some fantastic trails out there, I haven't come across any which gives you such a great mixture of technical stuff for skills building and thrilling stuff like Hully & Swoopy in one ride.
  • been back on it for about 3 months after an 8 year lay off, been using the red as a training route. Love the section you are talking about, reminds me of glentress, very excited about the other sections about to open. Keep up the good work.

  • Been at Gisburn today, rode the new section, thought it was cracking. It'll make a nice little repeatable loop with the park wood section. I admit to bottling the "big one" drop, but..... errr, my brakes need bleeding, ahem.... ;-)

    Noticed the difference in the berms back to the car park, really enjoyed them, and the rooty section at bottoms. Think I saw the new car park, is that where the skills area will be? Gisburn's a good day out anyway, but it just keeps getting better.
  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    Yeah the skills area is just off the new carpark, it's pretty good as is the new section of linking trail (it's also visible from the FC office window and they've got a sniper). I've ridden them but I had permission as I'd helped to build them. The linking trail's supposed to be blue but it's pretty fast and curvey, got more berms as well, six big switch backs one after another.

    Don't worry about the big drop, I've ridden it once, wasn't overly keen and I did half the pitching. There's an alternate line which will be ready in a few weeks which I think will flow better anyway.
    It's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission.

    I've bought a new bike....ouch - result
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  • stumpyjonstumpyjon Posts: 4,069
    Did some repairs last weekend as well and rebuilt a 30m section of Homebaked that had turned into a bog, more upgrades due in the new year.
    It's easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission.

    I've bought a new bike....ouch - result
    Can I buy a new bike?...No - no result
  • I was there! :D

    Should be OK for the 9th as well.
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