Track racing for novice youths

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Help!!!! My daughter recently got her accreditation at newport and we were hoping to do some events at Calshott but it appears that also needs a separate ticket as well.

At the mo i havnt a clue how to progress her interest in track, newport only do events on tuesday evenings, so Calshott with their Sunday league seemed the best option.
also, do any tracks have novice youth events? or female only?

any one got any advice please?


  • As no one has replied its safe to assume that there isnt anything for your daughter!
    Im in a similar position (with my child) and there does seem to be a huge gap between accreditation and racing and this is especially true if the tracks are miles away, so difficult to go to the drop in sessions.
    Cannot understand why BC have allowed this to develop - there seems to be zero pathway into competition.
  • My advice would be to look for a club with an active youth section, as this will provide the coaching and support she needs to make the jump to racing.

    Other than that, try to get along to as many drop in sessions as possible.

    Good luck
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    As above
    Ideally a BC Go Ride club who are part of your local track cluster. We have this set up in the midlands and north. I guess its similar in the south. BC will advise. Give them a call, your regional go ride manager is the person to ask for on the 0161 Manchester number

    In our east midlands region we get 3 hours track time at Manchester every 6 or 7 weeks. Then a go race event for 10 kids per region. And accreditation opportunity too. Not that this is absolutely necessary

    Our east midlands track coaches, most of whom were put on a fast track level 2 track coach course at minimal cost, run these sessions. We take up to 60 youth riders from the 7 East Midlands clubs who have signed up. As coaching is free from volunteers , cost is £12 per rider for 3 hours. Bike hire is subsidised by BC

    we have an old and nearly worn out local track (forest town) and feed riders onto the league there. Then regional events, nationals, UK school games, etc.
    It is possible even with minimal facilities and access to the velodrome

    BC could do more perhaps but clusters are a step forward in the last year
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    Cheers Guys for the info, unfortunately, the s/w dont have any track coaches and certainly no "clusters" though i will look into asking the go ride manager.
    Aside from Mid Devon, which ran 5 Newport trips over the summer - youth trips to Newport are rarer than hens teeth.

    Going up to our 1st drop in this Sat, its easier to just do things on your own :(