*Frame sizing? (giant defy)*

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I'm 165cm, is a 46.5cm (18inch) frame a suitable size?


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    What inside leg are you as proportions matter.

    If you have long legs and short body you could need different to if you have are other way round.
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  • Hi,
    I am 164cm and was recently looking at a Giant and was told by a very helpful chap in a bike shop that Giant's small ( 46.5 )was suitable for me with a top tube measuring 530mm.
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  • Im 181cm and im on a large defy.. ive got strange proportions though, really long inside leg of 35", short torso and long arms at37"!
  • I'm 6ft, 32 inside leg riding a M/L.

    My mate is,slightly shorter, 34 inside leg also riding a M/L.
  • I am 179 cm tall with an 82.5 inseam and I am comfortable on a Defy medium (50cm)
  • okay thanks, my inside leg is 79cm (31 inches) so not sure if that alters things?
  • 180cm tall, 84cm inside leg, Defy Composite 2 in M fits a treat.
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  • My mate has a Defy and he is about the same height as you, though probably with a shorter inside leg measurement. His frame is a small and he does really well on it' particularly up hills. He reckons its very comfortable.
  • Hello Josh,
    I think you would be better sitting on a Giant prior to buying, as you suggested the length of your inside leg means you have to watch the length of the top tube is not too long, certainly no longer than 530mm otherwise the bike will not suit you
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    2011 Bmc Promachine SLC01
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