London to Leith Hill via Dorking A24

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Hello all,

I'm planning an early morning cycle out to Leith hill tomorrow. Based on the map I was thinking of heading along the A24 South via Dorking, but finding some info online about this route a bit off-putting (

Does anyone have any experience or advice for this route they'd be kind enough to share? I've a few months experience cycling in the city so I'm not entirely averse to busy roads, but I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks for any help.


  • I've taken the A24 from Clapham to Epsom and it's fairly busy in places, but wouldn't say it was dangerously so.

    Can't picture exactly where this Morden junction is but you should be fine, just be sensible and stick yer lights on.
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  • The best way in from leather head is via cobham and then the a 307 in my view... You get to Kingston and then Richmond... It is a safer road then the nasty a24
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  • Early on a Saturday morning shouldn't be an issue at all, rush hour may be a bit different but you'll be fine tomorrow.
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    Did this last weekend, really nice ride. Much safer than the A24, and the road quality is also not too bad.

    Just keep going when you get to East Horley, then loop back through Oxshott. What time are you leaving, and where from? I'd consider doing it again!
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  • Hi folks

    I live in Dorking and my parents live in Morden. I am always cycling from Dorking to Morden and vice versa on the A24. I enjoy using this route and most journeys are smooth and uneventful.

    Epsom town centre is the busiest section for my journey.
  • Thanks for the advice everyone!

    looking to leave Homerton around 8-9am. Would like to look at that other route beams87, but that link is giving me something in Southern Australia?!

    Also this is my first major cycle apart from Bristol-Bath-Bristol (incidentally on my old Dawes Fox I'm currently slowly rebuilding), so I'm likely to be well below the performance of any bikeradarer!
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    Look me up on Strava \\ BELOW // and look at my last ride (shamefully, I've not been commuting this week.)

    Well below the performance of some Silly Commuter Racer... Don't worry about it, I have just eaten my weight in cake, leftovers of a coffee morning we had in the office this AM for charity.
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  • Hi Beams87 sorry didn't respond but thought for my first big ride I'd rather solo - learnt quite a lot I think but in future I'll certainly be posting my future ride plans and I think it would be advantageous to have riding partners. Have a fair few questions I'll be posting in other bits of the board.

    On the whole was pretty a nice ride once past Morden and box hill too. Tried to push hard most of the trip though on the final crest I started to feel particularly tired - shifting down didn't seem to help much and I couldn't believe how difficult the lowest gear could feel - was I really that tired? Only as I got to the last corner did I realise I'd just been shifting up...