Garmin Heart Rate Monitor

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My HR monitor packed up and assumed it was the battery. Changed the battery (although I never waited the 60 seconds as I didn't discover this till after) but it's still not working.

Any idea's or way of checking whether it's knackered or not?



  • Did you check if you're dead?

    Sorry! couldn't resist that one.

    Are you getting any reading at all? or does it just stay at 0?
  • TakeTurns
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    Contact Garmin. They'll sort it out for you. Their response to my concern was prompt and solved the problem within a week.

    Mine too had a problem, I won't reveal what exactly otherwise it could influence fraud. However, they'll ask you to do some tests and decide whether they will send you a new one.
  • nort757
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    as above,contacted garmin and they sent me a brand new one,great service