biking in nottingham

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Hi all so I’ve just moved to Nottingham any one know off any good ride outs on a Saturday morning.
And what is the best team in Nottingham called to


  • Stedman
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    Where in Nottingham do you live?
  • Look up the Outlaw Triathlon route from Holme Pierrepont.
  • jonod777
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    thanks will do will it be on Strava
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    Beeston and Long Eaton both have clubs but I have no experience of them.

    There is also Derby Mercury, Leicester Forest East and Coalville Wheelers all within 20 miles, depending on your exact location some of these may be doable.
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    There's some good rides in Nottingham, pm me if you fancy doing one with me
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    Lots of clubs seem to meet up around the Lowdham War Memorial on both Saturdays and Sundays.

    Have a look here: for a list of clubs and some rides.

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