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afternoon guys
looking for a bit of help with my garmin,did my first course today and the course was just a previous ride i had done with a friend but was alone so needed the route,i was under the impression that the course would be turn by turn or at least a prompt of a turn ahead,is this not the case as all i got was the purple line to follow?
im assuming the only way you get turn by turn is if you make the course yourself and download it,which is quite disappointing
thanks in advance


  • Wrath Rob
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    When you select the course, you have the chance to change the course settings. Make sure you pick that and then enable turn by turn guidance. Rather annoyingly its off by default so you have to manually turn it on.
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  • Also,

    If you select a course and press "Go" then EVEN IF you go back and turn guidance on it won't work.

    You MUST turn guidance, off course warning or virtual partner on via the settings spanner BEFORE you press go.

    Yes, annoying.

  • nort757
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    guys thank you so much,i could kiss you...but i wont for obvious reasons
    thanks again