Horrible Feeling

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I've just driven into the car park at the office, past the bike stands where there are usually a few bikes locked up. I saw a bike lock on the ground and thought. "oh dear, someone has dropped their lock" before realising there are another 4 locks on the ground, and no bikes - all locks cut off with a bolt cutter or something.

I keep my bike in my office, 10 feet from my desk. But I now feel horrible for those who are about to leave at 5pm to find their bike missing. Don't know them either so can't even warn them as its a shared office building. There was a pretty expensive looking Cube Mtb there this morning.

Thieving Bar-Stewards.
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  • thats horrible ..

    greedy buggers also, you can imagine it was a wel planned hiest, as its not easy to wheel away 5+ bikes
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  • y33stu
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    Yeah, even worse, there was a power cut in the building last night. External lights, alarm, and CCTV were off. This was only fixed at lunch today. Not sure when the bikes went. Coincidence? Or am i giving thieves too much credit?
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  • Inside job?