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Easton EA90XC Hubs Seized

balmybaldwinbalmybaldwin Posts: 127
edited November 2012 in MTB workshop & tech

I have a rather lovely set of these: ... tAodozoARg

on my XC bike, however it seems that in the last week the hub bearings have seized completely. The wheels are only 2.5 months old with about 300 miles on the clock. Admittedly the weather has been a bit damp to say the least, but I am careful with my bikes, and clean, dry and lube my bikes after every ride. My LBS is changing the bearings for me under warranty, but it was clear that there is a lot of water getting in under the free-hub.

Any ideas on how I stop this happenning again and again(either preventative ideas or post ride ideas), as I'm not going to stop riding just because it's wet
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