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Dartmoor advice

shaunlfc1shaunlfc1 Posts: 132
edited November 2012 in Routes

I am going to Finlake in a couple of weeks with friends and we want to do at least 2 days top riding. We are all experienced advanced intermediates. Used to big days out in the Peaks, lakes etc.... etc.... obviously at this time of year there are local advisory's regarding ride/route choices.

Can anyone suggest a few cracking routes/loops on Dartmoor? We have vans so can commute to different start points etc...

Love rocky, techy descents and climbs and fast XC/bridleways etc... etc... Just do not want to end up with too much bog trotting as we do not know the area at all.

Advice and suggestions hugely appreciated. I have Memory Map as well if that helps.


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