Normal vs wide shoes

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How much difference is there between normal vs wide shoes? If wide shoes fit well, will you have problem with normal shoes with the same size or vice versa?


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    Go with whatever fits. If you go for something which doesn't fit, you'll be uncomfortable. A narrow shoe will cramp your feet if you have wide feet. Hence, your your power transfer will be affected.
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    Too many variables between makes and even models of shoes to answer.

    Only way to find out is go and try some on, in fact try lots on until you get the ones that fit nice.
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  • There is no real substitute for trying on shoes, but...
    If you Google the shoes you are interested in, some of the reviews that come up will tell you if they are wide, normal or narrow fitting.
    And, I think that if the shoes you buy on the internet don't fit you that you are entitled to return them without charge. Incidentally, I have found Wiggle returns to be excellent, and Evans Cycles less so.
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    Agreed - try before you buy

    I have super wide feet and found Specialized to be good, had to upsize thouhg (not unusual) - I'm a 9/43 in normal walking shoes but a 44 in my Spesh's

    Believe northwave also good for those of us not born to be ballet dancers

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