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Which stem for Boardman MTB Comp

rajkumarpatel79rajkumarpatel79 Posts: 22
edited November 2012 in MTB beginners
Hi All,
I want to replace my Boardman MTB Comp stem (100mm) with shorter stem. Please could anyone suggest/recommend me stem which I should go or is 100mm stem OK. Additionally what benefits shorter stem will gonna give me over 100mm stem. I do commuting/weekend biking which is mixed of uphill/downhill in woods and on-road as well.



  • Is it broken? If not what are you expecting to achieve?
  • omegasomegas Posts: 970
    why do you want to change your stem length, what are you trying to achieve.
  • One of my colleague at work told me that you should get stem 90mm or less than that which will improve your riding experience while downhill and handling will also improve.
  • Think about it? Is 1 cm going to make much difference? He must be from the cool skool
  • Think about it? Is 1 cm going to make much difference? He must be from the cool skool
    Ok, relieved then. It was bothering me a lot. Thanks a lot.
  • omegasomegas Posts: 970
    handling will also improve.

    It will change the handling , for the type of riding you are doing it might /might not improve it.

    Stems are cheap to purchase so it not the end of the world if you try a shorter one and you find it not what you want.
  • Current fashion is for shorter stems and wider bars.

    Both alter handling characteristics. Shortening the stem 'speeds up' the steering which can also be described as 'making it twitchier'; which may be an improvement or detrimental to the current feel. It also moves your weight further back making downhills easier and uphills harder (front wheel more likely to lift up).

    Whether you want to change the characteristics in this way depends on the shortcomings of your current setup.

    Sweeping generalisation - but if you don't know what effect it will have you probably shouldn't bother and go with what Mr Boardman spent money on setting up till you are experienced enough to make an informed decision as to why you wish to spend your pennies. (Other than ' my mate said it will make it better')
  • Ok, for now I shall settle with 100mm stem only.
  • 97th choice97th choice Posts: 2,305
    Depends which model and what type of riding, I found my board man fs to be great on the flat but poor on descents, the overly steep head angle and long stem didn't help at all in that respect.
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