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Hi All,

I am very desperate and depressed since the end of july I have had back problems and have been off work now for 3 months my Gp sent me for a MRI scan at the end of Sept which showed a broad based disc bulge at L3 and L4 and a small disc bulge at L5 S1 this is without doubt the worst injury I have ever experienced althougth now I am slowly improving. the problem I have now is that i am getting different opinions about getting back on my mountain bike which is VERY imortant to me I was doing between 15 to 25 k off road riding 3 times a week. My GP has said tarmac only no long hill climbs the Orthopedic Surgeon has said ride on tarmac and take things slow I will be seeing him again in the next 2 months. the bombshell is the osteopath he said I will not be able to ride again and if I do the problem will keep comming back anyone had the same problem as I am very upset about the last opinion. thanks in advance mick


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    Hey Mick, sorry to hear about your problems getting out on the bike. It can really suck when its taken away from you. I dont have a huge amount of technical advice to offer though I'm afraid, only that you should keep your goals in mind, and achievable; theres no point thinking you will be able to rip the trails up again in a short while, as you probably wont. No-one really knows how your path to recovery will go, and sometimes its much better than expected. Set yourself a relatively easy target, and get that hurdle out of the way, even if its finding something to keep your mind off the bike for a couple of months. Once your through, you and the docs will all be able to reassess where your at, and the options going forward might be much better. Good luck!
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