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The other thing I noticed on my first 40 miler yesterday was that I'm definitely getting a bit of compression where I reckon I shouldn't. No particular soreness at the end, but wondering about long term issues.

So I've read an interesting article about SMP saddles (I think someone here posted a link to it recently), and with that cutout I reckon it might be just the job.

Any users of such? Any comments?

This one seems very reasonably priced, almost worth a punt on spec.
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    A saddle is a very personal thing, what suits one person won't suit another. If you use the "Search" function you will find loads of recommendations. For example Cycling+ highly recommends the Specialized BG Romin Evo Expert

    People try loads of saddles, personally I've tried every Fizik model and have just tried the Selle Italia C2 Gel Flow, still not found "the" saddle for me.

    Another member is just starting to help. You hire a saddle for up to 30 days. You can return it and pay just a small hire charge, or if you want to buy that model from them they deduct the hire charge and you get a brand new version of the one you liked.

    Contact the OP of this thread to tell them what you want to try
  • I've just finished trying a test of a couple of SMP saddles.

    The AVANT was too wide at the nose for me and I sent it back after one very short ride and then they sent a Drakon instead. I managed a few really good rides and a total of about 400 miles on it. I quite liked it - there were many things I really liked: the quality of construction seems exceptional, the cut out, and also the fit seems good for me in both drops and on hoods - but - I cannot honestly say it was comfortable. The discomfort though was only on my sit-bones, which feels solely due to pressure from unaccustomed weight bearing (I am used to a Spesh Avatar Gel saddle) - so as discussed in other threads that many well/would pass with more time and a bit of MTFUing on my part :shock: .

    I am moving on now to try some Selle Italia models reccomended by Jason who runs the try a saddle service reffered to. Jason seems very knowledgable I emailed him my info and he reccomended a few options and explained why - for £8 for a 30 day trial that seems very reasonable to me. His prices to buy also seem very very good.

    PS - The only place I could find that had SMPs for test was Corinne Knoesen at I paid a £100 deposit by PayPal and about £5 postage for each the saddles to be sent up to me. Considering we are talking the best part of £200 for SMP saddles that seemed reasonable to me and I am grateful for having had the chance to try them. May yet opt for the Drakon.
  • Thanks for the suggestions guys, sorry to go over such well-trodden ground - I just saw that very reasonably priced SMP and wondered if anyone had tried it.

    I'll give those ideas a go - and with the BikeWhisperer in Ealing, that gives me another option for a proper bike fit, so thanks again.
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    The £38 Selle saddle was a great buy for me after the saddle on my mountain bike slipped down and I landed on the top tube, damaging my coccyx. I thought I would be off the bike for a long, long time but this did the job. Eventually the whole top layer peeled off the metal frame but by that time I had recovered. It was very comfortable.
  • I have used the Selle SMP TRK model that you are looking at, they are very good IMO. I used it for about 3 years, mainly commuting, about 15 miles round trip. It was swapped between a hybrid, cargo bike and MTB during that time and I loved it. I found it immediately resolved some discomfort I was getting at the time.

    Having said that, eventually as my riding habits have changed to longer road rides on a drop bar bike I found it a bit too wide and padded at the back end for anything over about 25 miles. So it is personal preference and depends what riding you do, but I would definitely recommend trying one if you are suffering in that area. If you prefer a wider saddle it might suit you for longer rides too.

    For the record I currently use a Specialized Romin on my road bike which was recommended by my LBS and I find the lack of soft padding suits me better for long days in the saddle.
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    I have the Selle SMP TRK . Got to be worth £38 of anyones money. It certainly eased pressure on the crown jewells for me - however I do get a bit of chaffing and would agree with those who say its on the wide side. given the price of it has to be worth a go - its much cheaper than most cut out saddles - and if you don't get on you always sell it in classifieds.