Pinch flats

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I keep reading that if tyres aren't correctly inflated you run the risk of getting a pinch flat. Can someone advise a newbie what this is.

Sorry if its a silly question.


  • smidsy
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    Tyre deflect when u hit a pothole and gets squished against the rim, this can cause punctures known as pinch flats
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    No such thing as a silly should see some of the replies though :)

    As Smidsy says, pinch flats can be caused by the rim of a wheel pinching the tube, usually causing two holes (hence, the common term "snake bite"). They can also be caused by not semi-inflating the tube prior to insertion into the wheel such that the tube gets pinched on full inflation, causing a burst.

    Snake bites are usually avoided by knowing/setting the correct min pressure for your weight, but can be unavoidable if you smack into a pothole (I got one on Dartmoor in the summer... but losing big chunks of teeth and flesh were of a more immediate concern :) ).
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    Thanks for the advice guys.