Montane FeatherLite Velo - any good?

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I am looking for an extra long sleeved jacket, to keep the worst of the wind chill off and provide some shower resistance. After some hunting, I found this on CRC: ... tedKingdom

Does anyone have experience with this jacket or Montane as a brand?

My main concern, other than it having very long arms, is durability. I tend to be quite 'heavy' on my kit, and it needs to be solid and well stitched/put together.


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  • iPete
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    That is a bargain price, picked one up myself but it is more an emergency jacket than every day. It packs down to the size of an apple and should fit in a jersey pocket. It is thin, very light but has no pockets. I wouldn't use it as an every day jacket for the lack of pockets alone. Can't comment on the durability, only had to use it once.
  • beams87
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    Thanks iPete. It is a good price. Is it remotely warm or just a shell? How is it for windproof ability?
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    I've only used it once, in very mild rain as I couldn't locate my Gore Path II. It is perfectly windproof, which in turn keeps you warm but it was a mild day and it is nothing more than a shell. It seemed noticeably more breathable than my Gore but on the flip side, I'd doubt it is as waterproof.
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    They are great for wind and shower protection. Will keep you dry from the outside unless proper "soaks you through" rain.

    Will not really keep you warm and it will make you sweat so if that then cools down youn are both cold and wet!!

    In spite of the above I love them and own four different ones ranging from the smock 0only short zip and very light) and the new £60 incredibly light version to the one in the OP listing.

    They are VERY GENEROUS in sizing including arm length. I wear XL in assos and medium in these jackets. I have an unused large if you are interested. black/grey.

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    This is one of my most used bits of clothing in spring/autumn. Great for stuffing in a jersey on changeable days or for getting through the first hour while you're warming up on a chilly morning. Showerproof rather than waterproof.
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    Great bit of kit and a bargain at that price, as mentioned size down, rather than up!
  • I've had one for 2 or 3 years and it's pretty good. With the exception of the time I wore it on a 200km Sportive when it didn't stop hammering it down all day, it's kept me reasonably dry and/ or warm. I don't think any lightweight jacket would have coped with the rain that day.

    I also run in it a lot.