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Never happy! looking at new frames, Kuota or De Rosa

kleinstrokerkleinstroker Posts: 2,133
edited November 2012 in Road buying advice
Only just finished my Moda Stretto in October but already looking longingly at other frames for next build. Not in any hurry about this but looking towards getting either a De Rosa R838 or Kuota Kom Evo. Wondered if anyone had good bad things to say about either? Not sure how they would stack up against each other, and will only be buying a frame when I do, as I really like the build process.


  • Ive had a de rosa 838 for quite a while now and its a great frame and forks. Its been said that its the same as the ribble stealth although i was told by the shop i went through that they look the same from the outside but the de rosa's carbon is different and its lighter and stiffer than the cheaper versions. The frames moulds are not in house but de rosa control how the carbon is used. Its not as light as a dogma or something like that but its still very light and perhaps that bit more durable than the featherweights out there

    It rides really well though.. Front end is really solid as is the bb area, plenty stiff

    The only negative thing i have to say about it is that i think they went slightly overboard graphics wise and so ive used some matt black vinyl to tone down the look of mine
  • smidsysmidsy Posts: 5,273
    Several Kuota riders in our club and they rate them.
    Yellow is the new Black.
  • Cheers guys! I guess the Kom is the better frame going by its price tag, though I love the look of the De Rosa's.
  • Probably a stupid decision that I may regret, but saw a Kom frame on the fleabay at a very good price and now it is mine!!
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