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Any opinions or owners please ?


  • Had a test ride on one earlier this year,very nice(though I'm no expert) and lovely looking in the flesh. Though I must confess I bought something else.
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    Hi wilo13

    I was having a look on the wiggle website, and I came across this :- which instantly took my eye and it's a British make.

    I'm now in the process ( unsuccessful as we speak to persuade my wife that it would be a nice Xmas present ) if not I will definitely be buying one on the bike to work scheme in April. Nice to see something different I thought .
  • If you give mekk a ring,they will make sure that you're lbs(as long as its a mekk outlet)has the bike you want to test ride. They were very helpful when I spoke to them.
  • I traded one of my MTB for a Potenza 3G(2nd hand)

    It's been great so far, lovely and stiff, no reliability issues whatsoever. It's got quite relaxed geometry - the head tube is fairly long, it's an all day bike really.

    Nice bike, good price basically.
  • I've been riding a 2G Poggio since August and it's a great bike to ride. 8.9Kg full carbon bike with mostly Shim105 group set for less than a grand (tiagra shifters and front deraillier). Looks nice in the flesh too, well built and finished.
    My view while researching all equivalent bikes was that the Mekk was a great choice to allow future upgrades as the frame and forks are where the money is spent. Wheels and tyres are where the money has not been spent (shimano R500) but these can easily be replaced in future giving you a spare set for winters. If I got a high end aluminium bike I would have had the itch to upgrade the frame to carbon at some point.
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    Thanks for the replies everyone. :D
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    Thanks for the advice wilo 13'