Dealing with road rash

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Well it had to happen came off on some wet man hole cover and down I went messed up a good pair of leg warmers and dented my pride, now I'm dealing with some missing skin off my knee so seeking some tips on how to deal with it. Bike is ok but my front break is now squeaky for some reason when I brake.

It was me own fault rushing across the junction in order to not inconvience my other 4 wheeled friends I won't be so helpful next time and take my time.
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    sorry to here about your off,but least you know why it happened so something learned.
    As for road rash im still healing with mine and theres not a lot you can do,keep it clean and just let it heel.I also rub some anti septic on just in case.2 weeks on, mines at the scab faze but its just healing in its own good time.
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    Inadine dressing from any chemist, that's what they're designed for and you can't fault them.
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    I've seen these dressings recommended by clubmates who've had big offs.
  • Ball an chain got some germolene that's taken the edge off it ill be back out tomorrow should have known about the man hole cover been riding motor cycles since I was 16 (I'm 44) so should no better but my conti's usually grip really well in the wet probabl a bit of diesel mixed in as well. I hadn't been out all week and thought its stopped raining I can put up with the wet road but should have waited for Sunday as the forecast is much better. Today was only an hour just to get out as hadn't don't much mileage this week seriously considering a turbo trainer as at least I could do that in the dark evenings roll on the spring
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  • I went to an A&E department as my palm was right the way down to the muscle and absolutely killing me and the wife was getting very angry with my DIY attempts at healing. They put a second skin type plaster on. I went swimming with it, the gym, everything. It was amazing, had to change it every three days. I reckon it accelerated the healing process massively.

    I now wear gel palmed gloves though.
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    Tegaderm, or a hydrocolloid dressing - they keep the damaged area moist, which reduces scarring, speeds healing, and takes away the pain. You leave them on for several days. Not cheap, but worth it.
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    It takes its time to heal and the initial clean up can be painful depending on how deep the road has gone into your skin. I was given some iodine dressings to pull the crap out of the wound and had to change them frequently. Now, cause of my stupidity that caused the fall/slide, I have two patches on my leg that are a different colour to the rest.
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    wilo13 wrote:
    Have a look at this: ... road-rash/

    I know a lot of the pro teams use Duoderm which is mentioned in the above link.
    Yeah, I've used Duoderm, and the photos in the link show just how it works. Good stuff.
  • Well a stroke of luck had some duodenum patches which my dear departed mum left last year they are the perfect size and they are still in date right result going to try them tomorrow wound is looking much better today went for another ride today stayed upright road was dryer which I lived in the sunshine state as could cycle every day and not have to worry to much about damp man hole covers
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