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Track World Cup - Glasgow

delstrondelstron Posts: 74
edited December 2012 in Track
I appreciate it's a new facility and not many of us will have been there for an even yet, but what is normal form at these events for spectators with regard to bringing in bags?

We will be flying up and have to make a choice of taking overnight size bags in with us, or possibly missing the first few races if we have to drop bags off first.



  • glasgowbhoyglasgowbhoy Posts: 1,341
    There are lockers all over the sports facility. I'm sure you could use one.
    Call them on 0141 287 7000
  • booyakabooyaka Posts: 263
    take them with you - there was no hassle yesterday at all - walked in with anything to your seat. Guys beside me had a full picnic going on with flasks and everything, huge coolbags etc.
  • I've heard there are lockers inside, but does anyone know if they would be large enough to fit a folding bike? Or is there anywhere inside it could be left as opposed to locking it outside?
  • alan_aalan_a Posts: 1,507
    £1000s & £1000s worth of bike were safely locked up outside in covered bike park all weekend.

    There are bike cages (for personal track bikes) and hundreds of large lockers inside.
  • Just to finish this off - There WAS lockers available downstairs, 50p refundable via a 'supermarket trolley' type mechanism. Had an excellent weekend.
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