Winter Gloves - Too much choice!!

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Hi All,

looking at getting some new gloves to see me through the cooler times ahead, and a bit bamboozled by all the choices! my LBS is a Specialized concept store, so only their kit available and no real choice, so wanted opinions of other.

So, whats the criteria?
- I commute 3-4 days a week, 10 miles of flat but its fairly open land, and so theres a fair windchill factor. My hours mean that I come home in the dark when its that bit cooler.
- Sundays are the only day I can pile on more miles as I start at 11, so go out at 7, so again early start in near-dark when its cold.
- generally a fair weather cyclist, so waterproofing not top of the list
- I HATE really thick gloves/mittens
-budget cannot break £40, which I feel is a reasonable one to work to!

Any help much appreciated



  • You won't go far wrong with Sealskins. I have a pair and they are excellent.
  • You won't go far wrong with Sealskins. I have a pair and they are excellent.


    Great gloves.
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    Really depends how cold your fingers get I've done fine with my endura dexter wind proofs but they get too hot on training rides in all but the coldest conditions. I have just switched to full finger spesh bg gel wiretap they are super comfy for training but not that warm.
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    Endura windchill, they're not bulky, the do the job well and for colder days I put on a liner glove too. Layers seem to work better for me.
  • Hi,

    I have 3 pairs:
    Altura Night Vision Windproof for temps 0-+12 degrees
    Altura Night Vision Waterproof for temps -8-+2 degrees
    Gore UnderWear glowes as add ons at the lower end of those temp ranges

    When the temperature goes under that -8 I use ordinary thick skiing mittens down to some -18 degrees. Colder than that I don't bike.

    I do both everyday 20 kms commuting and weekly 2-3 hours training rides in quite snowy conditions with these glove sets.

    I don't think the wind as such makes any big difference, it's more the speed of the bike causing the wind/chill problems. Another thing is that we are all somewhat different so you might need to experiment with different glowes to find the right ones for our hands.
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    just ordered these but missed the post today ... elID=85369

    picking them up from the post office tomorrow so will let you know what they are like
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    picked up some cheap aldi gloves in the sale a few weeks ago - they are warm but bulky and the hand moves aroud too much in the liners and you sweat. Pretty good for a fiver though. Bit the bullet and bought a pair of sealskins flourescent yellow gloves with merino wool lining. Never thought I'd spend £30 on a pair of gloves but they are marvellous - nit too bulky to use the brifters fluently and warm enough for 5 C rides, and very breathable, no sweat, no discomfort, best gloves ever. Buy some. Now. ... ps-sellers
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    I went with these

    Warm, and waterproof, highly recommended.
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    Thanks for all the info guys.
    Weighing up the bulk vs warmth ratio I've opted for the Atura Windproof Winter Gloves in the Black. Gone for a Large, which I hope is big enough, but using the sizing guide I think they'll be fine.

    If I struggle I'll opt for some DHB liners to make them a little warmer :)
  • just bought some altura ergo fit thingys from evans while in the uk last week. fantastic fit and warm
  • Sealskinz Ultragrip Gloves are good.