First year cycling

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Racked up 2200 I graduate from beginners?? :wink:


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    That's a good total for the first year. I would say that makes you a regular cyclist rather than a beginner.

    Took me a good few years to get to 2,000 in a year. This year I'm on target for 3,000, but that's been my target for the last few years. I think I'm gonna make it this year at last as I'm over 2,800 to date. :) As for average speed, I'd probably still be classed as a beginner. :(
  • Regular cyclist sounds good to me. Better get me some sportives booked, only managed one in spring this year :D
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    sounds lot of miles to say your an intermediate now..congrats on the promotion..
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    Well done in the 2200 miles anyway pal
  • In a year? That's a couple of months' commuting mileage for many people! :wink:
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    In a year? That's a couple of months' commuting mileage for many people! :wink:
    Hmmm, maybe for some people but I'm guessing not that many, as it would be 50 miles a day commuting nearly every working day for 2 months. A bit too much for us mere mortals, never mind beginners.
  • I'm purely a recreational cyclist. Joined a club recently and looking to do some TTs and sportives next year. No fun in commuting for me and not practical, so all miles done to fit around family time and work, which ain't easy so I'm happy with 2k+ :D
  • good work well done. If you commute you can add it up fast, i commute now and again but its not far. I managed 8975 miles in my first year and this year (my second) just managed to crack the 10k so far this year. I have better weather admittedly. Good work your no longer a beginner.